Future Foundation is a not for profit organization formed by a group of passionate and like-minded individuals who want to make a difference.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." - Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

Our vision is to empower underprivileged children with knowledge and education that will enable them to seize opportunities that will truly change their lives.

By providing children with easy access to educational material and resources, various training programs as well as exposing them to events that showcase and celebrate multiculturalism, we hope to guide them to becoming their best selves.


The Future Foundation group has been involved in various past initiatives such as charity plays "Super Suraya" and "Yukku" which raised much needed funds for medical equipment for a rural hospital in Sri Lanka.

Other fundraising projects included a charity drive in 2011, which helped set up a small computer lab with six computers in Mallamulla, Panadura Sri Lanka. This small set up has since also turned into language class for primary students. Today, more than 40 underprivileged students use our facilities each week.

Between 2010 and 2012, through our fundraising efforts, we proudly assisted 12 underprivileged children with monthly scholarships.


Future centers

Currently we are working in partnership with the Rotary club of Brimbank central, Victoria and Rotary club of Colombo Fort, Sri Lanka to build information centers in poverty stricken neighborhoods in Sri Lanka. The first information center is operational in Panadura, Sri Lanka with a second underconstruction in Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka.

The community information centers will provide information services, resources and associated training programs as well as leadership development opportunities to youths who would otherwise fall victim of their economically distressed neighborhood.

The centres fittingly named "The Future" will fundamentally serve as a supporting platform for underprivileged kids with the hopes to inspire them for a better, brighter FUTURE.

Lankan Fest 2016

We work closely with the rotary club of Brimbank central and queen Victoria market to bring Melbourne ‘Lankan Fest’- a joyful celebration of rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka.

Through this festival we hope to share a unique Sri Lankan experience with the community through food, music and craft.

For more information please visit www.lankanfest.com.au


Situated in the Kalutara District, a province in western Sri Lanka, Panadura is currently resident to over 33,000 thousand people, with many of them living in substandard conditions. With the average monthly income being around Rs. 15,000 for a working adult (approximately AUD $100), it is of no surprise, the area is home to some of the most poverty stricken families in Sri Lanka. The children and youths trapped in this poverty cycle are some the area’s most affected. Some families cannot even afford shoes for their children to wear to school whilst luxury items like books and writing tools become even more out of reach.

In some cases, youths are even compelled by their parents to seek jobs and drop out of school in order to help support the family. They are simply unaware of the prospects of education will have on their future. The Chief Incumbent of Rankhoth Viharaya, Pandura, has kindly donated an 1800 square feet building, which has been refurbished for development of the facility.

By providing the community with a resource and education centre, we hope to make an impact on the children and youths of Pandadura.

The centre will conduct English and Computer classes throughout the year which will be made available to every child willing to learn. The Future Foundation is also dedicated to providing volunteers with a space to run workshops and information sessions which will aid the community left for destitute. Our aim is to help break the cycle of poverty for those who are fundamentally the Future of Sri Lanka. To offer them the opportunity for education, life skills and training that may be otherwise out of reach, due to circumstances perhaps beyond their own comprehension.

The facility will provide hope to a community that is destitute and impoverished, by providing its people with the resources, aid, education, training and hope for a brighter future.

English as a second language

Learning English has emerged as a key element in efforts to overcome divisions and economic hardships, helping to foster inclusive growth and stability in Sri Lanka.

More opportunities are available to those who speak English, now considered the language of business and commerce.

Even though the literacy rate is considerably high in the area at 95%, it is noted that formal education levels are with, only 45.6% of youths completing any forms of secondary education. Many of whom become young adults in the community who have limited job opportunities due to lack of English and basic computer literacy. At our dedicated education and training facility, we aim to conduct various courses and basic learning classes to equip the Panadura youths with English and Computer training which in turn will enhance their job opportunities and their future.

English as a Second Language course will provide English language instruction to participants. Classes will be conducted at three comprehension levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Topics to be covered in the classes include:

  • Beginner: basic grammar, simple sentence structure, speaking, pronunciation, reading, comprehension, basic writing, spelling.
  • Intermediate: grammar, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary
  • Advanced: grammar and syntax, simple and complex sentence structures, idiomatic expressions and humour, speaking, reading comprehension, writing.

Basics computer course

Currently the panadura Future center has 15 computers, which are used to educate children. The computer courses include basic understanding of computer operation and functions. The classes will operate as supervised groups conducting exercises and typing tutorial programs ,which will lead to individualised learning. Two classes are currently being held on Fridays and Sundays for duration of 1 hour.

Other services

We also facilitate additional and vital services to further enhance job opportunities such as resume writing workshops, interview preparation assistance, as well as health awareness campaigns for older children throughout the year.

The library on site provides the public with free access to books, periodicals as well as internet access and online educational journals. Other services such as after-school reading programs and free lectures are also available.


The future foundation is a not for profit organization which relies on the generosity of corporate and private benefactors to make our vision a reality.

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